Extra Long 2M Very Strong Dog Training Rope Slip Lead Stop Pulling Gundog Leash

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I have been training dogs now for 21 years and have competed at an international level, I have been training dogs professionally for 8 years. Many leads have passed through my hands over the years and I could never find the perfect lead. 5 years ago my partner and I decided to make our own. We have a lead for every dog so look at our other items.

If you want to stop pulling immediately ask for my figure of eight email on checkout; either on notes to seller on paypal or ebay messages. Guaranteed to allow anyone to walk the heaviest of pullers. I will send the email to your paypal email once lead is sent.

Always ensure you put a slip lead on as a P shape and loose, if you put it on as an inverted P or too tight it will not release after a check. They are available in black and white. I sell these same leads on a different listing; just with a different title so don’t be confused!  Also if you have a collar on your dog; put the slip lead above the collar. We also sell a longer version of this lead at 2.4M and a competition style 8mm slip. These have been developed for medium to large breeds of dog and to withstand the biggest of pullers yet are light enough for everyday use with any dog due to the high quality extremely strong rope we use. Full details of leads;

We needed just the right thickness of rope that was easy on the hand and ‘slipped’ through the perfect sized metal o ring. Braid rope was out as it does not slip and is stitched together causing weakness and rot and cheaper rope has the same problem, we could not find a long enough lead for training either. A large hand loop was needed (around 9 inches) for use with gloves and wrapping round the wrist. A lovely leather stop finishes them off beautifully. We developed these leads in shorter sizes for our own use originally.

For larger orders, trade enquiries or Southern Ireland please contact me on my details below.

It wasn’t long before other dog owners were asking us to make leads for them; but the average pet owner wanted longer leads so their dogs could walk in front of them without risk of injury to them or their dogs, modern approaches to heel training also needed a longer rope and I use the 2.4 metre slip rope when training heelwork and the stay command. You also have more control over a dog that pulls. In the 5 years we have been making these leads we have never had a return except when a few have been eaten! It is for this reason we give a full guarantee with every lead purchased. The rope is rot proof, even when left lying on a beach and soaked in sea water and they are machine washable. They are extremely strong and will not break. As per customer requests we also make a snap hook extra long and strong lead, and a thinner 6mm version of this one for puppy and small to medium sized dogs so look at my other items. My friend uses one of our snap hook leads for her horses due to their strength, it is the same rope as this.

The dog pictured is our latest charge Dan, any questions please ask away, thanks for looking.

Please note returns or requests to exchange/replace leads for any reason will be granted 60 days after the date the lead was purchased, after 60 days from the purchase date no leads will be received as a return and no lead will be replaced for any reason


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